Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff at Oregon State University deliver far-reaching solutions that guarantee the prosperity of our state and world. We transform learners into leaders. We are passionate about our work and the people we serve.

Request access to Banner, Appworx, or other databases

Learn about insurance, staff tuition, and retirement options

Buy supplies and products, or hire a vendor

Data storage and collaboration

Add branding to print and digital materials

Get HR, finance and accounting support for your unit

Learn how to prevent waste and recycle on campus

大发手机登录官网's learning management platform

Run reports using student, finance, human resources and other types of data

Training for employees, students and volunteers

Search for contact information of the 大发手机登录官网 community

Sign a document electronically

Fill out timesheet and request leave

Legal, financial, work-life, and mental health and wellness services and resources

Report a safety concern, request a waste pickup, receive safety training or consultation

Request accommodation

Find events that are sponsored by an 大发手机登录官网 department

Check your work email through a web browser

Report a maintenance issue

Take an exercise class on campus

Order textbooks for an upcoming class

Read about the United Academics of 大发手机登录官网 (UA大发手机登录官网) faculty union's bargaining updates

Services to all 大发手机登录官网 families with dependent care

Get an 大发手机登录官网 ID or replacement

Protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research

Check available job listings

A personalized dashboard for students and employees

Resolve work conflict

Load money onto your 大发手机登录官网 ID to use at campus eateries

Connect to online journals and databases, research guides, and request materials

Download software available to 大发手机登录官网 employees

Read about 大发手机登录官网 in the news

Ship a package or print a sign, brochure, etc.

Criteria and procedures for promotion and tenure

Learn how to hire an employee

Take a climbing class, rent outdoor equipment, hire a personal trainer and much more with RecSports

Check salaries for unclassified and classified employees

Find a search advocate for your search committee

Contact the union for classified employees

Technical support for your computer

Sign up for 2 factor authentication

Request pick up of extra office supplies and furniture

Request phone service or repair

Grading, curriculum changes, scheduling, & degree requirements

Rent a vehicle, ride the Beaver Bus, purchase a parking permit, or get options for biking, walking, transit and carpooling

Get reimbursement for work related travel

Order catering for an event

Start a virtual meeting